Appearance Matters, But Be Different And Get Noticed

How you dress matters. How those around you dress also matters.

If everyone you work with wears a suit and a tie to the office, a sport jacket with t-shirt could signal you are more laid back, real and entrepreneurial. If everyone you work with wears a sport jacket and t-shirt, a business suit can communicate a higher level of professionalism, dedication and work ethic.

Nothing in this world is interpreted without context. This extends far beyond the clothes we wear. Those daring enough to be unique take a risk in straying from the norm, but also find great opportunity in being different.

Take a look at the websites in your industry. Are they all the same? Do they all offer the same message? If they do, there is an opportunity for you to be different and to single out part of the market that doesn’t want the same approach provided by everyone else. If your competitors are wearing suits, don a sport jacket and t-shirt. If your competitors are wearing sport jackets, don a suit. Look different and communicate differently and you will draw attention. Depending on what you have to say, that attention could be very positive.

Just keep in mind that it is possible to take it too far. As I was reminded by our associate editor, Trista Winnie, “There’s standing out, and there’s standing out like a sore thumb.”


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