What Is Marketing 2 Investors?

Before I started my first business, I had my real estate license. I was recruited into the business by a charismatic broker that saw “the spark” in me. I will never forget one of the first lessons that he taught me: don’t take investors as clients. His reasoning was that investors will suck your brain dry of information and then work with someone else. Fortunately, I didn’t take that lesson to heart, and I have built multiple successful businesses by doing exactly the opposite.

In reality, we’re all investors to some extent...and that’s what makes the concept of marketing to investors really exciting. Just about everyone wants to put their savings to a more profitable use. Just about everyone has the potential to be an investor client at some point. What are these investors looking for? How can you find the ones ready to do deals now? How can you focus all or a portion of your business and providing investor services?

Through the Marketing 2 Investors blog, I hope to give you tools and information to answer those questions for yourself and more effectively find, cultivate and grow your investor clientele. I offer my experience and expertise, not because I claim to have all the answers, but as a starting point for you to think about how to more efficiently tap into the growing individual investor market.

I encourage and appreciate all feedback. Feel free to comment or e-mail with any questions you may have.

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