The Power Of A Story

This morning I was blown away by the speech of a 15 year old. It wasn’t that she was more intelligent than the average 15 year old. She was. It wasn’t that she was more composed than the average 15 year old. She was. It was that she had a story and told it from her core with conviction.

For a few brief minutes she owned everyone in the audience. I have no idea how many thousands of dollars were raised as a result of her speech, but I can tell you she was the reason for my donation.

In a world full of sales gimmicks and half truths, the power of a story has never been stronger. It has the power to capture our emotions, to tap into our empathy, and to communicate in imagery. Stories aren’t pushy. They allow us to draw our own conclusions. In a world where talk is cheap and advice plenty, stories are a breath of fresh empowering air.

If you want to sell me something, tell me a story. Tell me a powerful story that’s not about clever marketing phrases or rhetoric. Tell me a story that is about hope, a better life, or the chance to make a difference for people I care about.

It doesn’t matter if what you sell is a clean house or a multi-million dollar investment. Your product or service is there to solve a problem. What is the solution you provide? What is the powerful story that communicates your solution? Do you truly believe it?

Find your story and your clients will find you.


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