Mediocre Doesn't Pay Well; Find Your Niche

I was recently talking with a website developer whose wife is a real estate agent. I asked him if he was spending some time helping her with her online presence. He proceeded to tell me about some of the things he was doing to promote her website.

At one point I asked him, “what does she specialize in?” He seemed confused by the question, and I doubt he’s alone. Most real estate agents make their living by trying to be everything to everyone. They do listings. They do purchases. They do investment properties. They do commercial. They do dabbling.

As an investor, I have no desire to work with a general real estate agent (unless I’m looking to sell a property to a general buyer). I want to work with someone that has specialized knowledge. The more specialized knowledge, the better. If I’m looking to invest in a foreclosure property, I want an agent that only works on foreclosure properties. Why? Because I want the best...not mediocre.

Don’t dabble. Find your niche. Being mediocre doesn’t pay well.


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